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How To Become Sane Again

15 May

I decided to reanimate this blog when I acknowledged that I trust Vladmir Putin right now- more than any politician in the USA -most especially their newly elected despot; I wont grace him with putting his name on my writing. I thought maybe it was time to have a place to put my frustration and confusion ideas down.   A place to lay them to rest, I hope.

The world has become mental. We used to think we were mental. but now we are scary kill everyone all at once mental. Can’t you feel it like electricity in the air?

Its not that I’m angry. I’m not.  I can see clearly that there are some very positive things coming from the current level of unprecedented planetary insanity.  The more Nukes North Korea tests, the more the no-nukes folks come out of their 20 year hiding place and begin the conversation of the importance of being diligent to work on behalf of peace in the face of such rapidly emerging global technologies. In other words, now is not the time to rest.

The more we talk about climate change as a fantasy, the spin the American government is putting on the sweeping crises taking over the planet, the more the stewards an protectors of the world emerge, both young and old.  This is a critical conversation which must occur as it crosses all cultural and religious parameters.  It is beyond ageism, as young and old can both greatly contribute to each other’s knowledge and understanding of what is happening on the planet.  And the time is undoubtedly now as the ecology is in crisis beyond anything we have ever known.

The more we talk about the collapsing economy, the more we hear the conversation about the priorities of life, what we really think about the value of money, and the bigger conversations about what does and does not really mater in life.

Long ago, we as “first world cultures” lost our penchant for philosophy.  I think we may have become very arrogant, not looking to further our minds, only improving our material position in the world.

what came with this shift was the need to “protect” our materialism.  In Western cultures, we became insanely attached to certain beliefs about how our lives were sustained.  we have become accustomed to things for our daily sustenance, that will not serve us if there is a major global catastrophe.

Simple things like electricity, hot running water and vehicles that are powered by fossil fuels, are fundamental distractions to actual human survival.

SO, we can look at the current situation in our world and feel a great deal of concern, but there is a reemergence of the need to understand ourselves, again, in this “new world”, just like our ancestors did.

Imagine being a cave man, awakening in a new world, with thousands of unknown dangers abounding every day? Each day presenting a new way of needing to look at survival.

This is the future we are entering.  And those of us who have the ability to learn basic survival, are obliged to do so, because those of us who know must teach and encourage.

I speak with allot of people today who have had what they call “spiritual” experiences.  They have moments of feeling connected, aware and conscious of life and the world in a different more cohesive way.

One of the “symptoms” of a spiritual experience, toted as such across a variety of reilious and philosophical beliefs, is that the newly awakened person feels a shift in their relationship to nature.  You feel more connected, less fearful, more a part of all the life around you.

We know beyond science, that the world is experiencing a shift in consciousness – a change in the way we perceive who we are and what our roles are in this world.  A time where we are recommencing the conversation Plato and Locke began – the conversations that shape our world.

This science meets spirit time, is both exciting and terrifying.

I recently had the thought that Kim Jon Ung baby ego games with nuclear weapons is like a lunatic in a kindergarten class, and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Its like all the teachers outside of the class, chatting about what is happening inside and refusing to send in snacks for nap time to the lunatic as punishment.

It is insane.

But because we are so much more connected, both technologically and energetically, we can FEEL the tension – the insanity, in such a more tangible and visceral way.

It’s the reason for the increase of anxiety and the proliferation of anxiety medications on the planet.

ts also the reasons for the sudden wave of Yoga and meditation practices in the west.

We living things always seek to re balance ourselves a soon as any part of us feels a dis balance. Its one of the laws of the universe – everything out of balance seeks re-balance. There is some order, some form to these events.  This must be true, but we are an integral part of the conversation which will put things back into a forward, life sustaining motion.

Lucky for us another universal law seems to be that life always wins.

I realize everything seems incredibly BIGGER THAN LIFE right now, and can be overwhelming beyond words, but that is no reason to stop the conversation.

Imagine…Even WE are shocked. You and I who are a part of this generation of systematically desensitized minds. I think about my dad who was raised in the Canadian prairies in the 1920’s and 30’s – his “simple life”, also filled with fear with world war 1 and 2, but still, I would give these days for those any day. There seemed to be an honour in the world. as gross and horrific as those wars were.  There was a sense of good and bad, right and wrong.

Today, we don’t seem to have that anymore.  In other words, there are no limits to the level of atrocity we are able to commit.  Our moral lines have been pushed by our desensitization.

It is not an outside enemy we have to fight then.  Its the understanding we have of ourselves.  Its the prioritization, the conscious choice, to live in a way that is a real life.

If your electricity was cut off tomorrow, would you be panicking after a week?

if so, take responsibility for that now.

Do you rely on a food source that is five miles from your house?

Fix that.

We have become mesmerized by our own comforts, and all of your fear comes from your very deep knowing that you have no clue how to support yourself. If you didn’t fear for your next meal, for your home and for your ability to survive, how would your life change?


I’m not saying run out and buy emergency kits they sell on American radio, preying on your fears. I don’t mean be afraid AT ALL. I’m saying the opposite. If you can deal with your own level of insecurity, then you will be able to make more clear choices about who you choose for your leader, and what you believe about the world.

Look at the poor people in North Korea who believe their leader is “divine” and that they must do everything his insanity dictates  to guarantee their own safety and security.  Their belief system relies on one person they have never met, who is clearly a fanatic, for their survival. Does this not sound insane to you?  These are people just like you and I, with families, and houses. who get up in the morning and think about their day – how they can maybe make it a good one.

Maybe like you they go to a job they are only doing because they love their famlies and are supporting others.

Maybe they hate their boss – just like you?

The point is, no matter the culture, we have all fallen for the stories that have been sold to us.

The average north American spend their entire supporting one percent of the population who holds all the wealth.

Its the same problem everywhere, in different shapes.

And the solution to the problem is not the outrage we express outwardly, but the actions we take today, inwardly.

Empower yourself by finding every way possible to get to know and understand who you are, and what you can do to be your own source of security.