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MIND~AWARENESS: Personal Inventories

7 Jan

I was speaking with one of my old students this morning. He’s only 21, and he shared a pretty strong mystical experience.  Just like everyone I am meeting, he  wants to know where it comes from, what it is and how to make it last. That feeling of connection and flow is so wonderful, who wouldn’t want to get that back?  I think the point of the experience is not for us to spend our lives trying to create “heaven on earth”, in our human life, but to become starkly aware of ourselves so that we better understand and deepen our connection through human experience.  It means adopting tools so you know yourself deeply and truthfully.

 It seems that mystical shifts are not more likely in any one cultural demographic group then another; young, old, black, white, asian and Muslim – I have met people from all walks of life who have had direct experiences of the Divine.   Although we tend to attribute mysticism to people who have made a conscious choice to dedicate their lives to the pursuit of the spiritual, it is when spiritual things begin happening to people who would otherwise be considered non-religious that we begin to pay attention to the meaning of these experiences in a way that contributes something not only to our intelligence, but also to the way in which we interact with each other. In all cases, the one most critically common feature is that all mystical experiences stress “interconnectivity” between you and all living things.  It makes sense that the way we see each other changes, because we understand our unity in a  way that surpasses our words. The boundaries that existed between people and the opinions we have of one another and each other’s belief systems have become increasingly  less important.  Global consciousness supersedes global opinion – and our consciousness seems to be paying attention and growing at an incredible rate. We even have evidence of it.

Before the emergence of Global consciousness it would not have been possible for the  incredible fundamental changes to women’s social status such as we are seeing in the Gulabi Gang or the brave young Malala in Pakistan to make the efforts and changes on behalf of sublimated women in the Middle East.  Our energy, our global desire – supports this movement. Global consciousness is the energy behind the action. Ten years ago this would not have been even possible. The strength of agreement between us all is what allows this change in the basic fabric of the Middle Eastern and Indian culture to take place and it is growing exponentially every day.  We have a strong silent bond with one another and when something is moving in a forward positive creative fashion, as is the women’s movement in the Middle East, it seems that collectively our energetic will become stronger and even more powerful. In fact, the same could be true for fast rejection of ideas which are contrary to the greater good.  It is not possible to go backwards, bThought Processut we can delay progress.  The increasing will and return of power to cultures in the world is strong evidence of the physical results of global consciousness.

Most people are starkly unaware of what it is that is truly behind their thoughts and decisions.  First and foremost is that you acknowledge that a mystical experiences caused a seed to be planted within you. This seed holds the potential for a limitless future.  It will grow and change and adjust as will you.  Your only job is to keep that ground fertile and healthy and willing to receive more.  To honour and further understand your experience, taking care of how you think is the key to being able to receive and give communication from the Source you connected with. This means keeping your mind free and clear.  There is no coincidence that we today see a vast increase in people doing Yoga and meditation. The seed planted within you is powerful; it allows you the conscious connection with God; with the mind of the Universe. Faith is your ability in human life to use what is freely offered to you by It. So, the first step is honesty; truth. In order to see that world and live in it, you must discover what takes up time in your consciousness, and what darkens your vision.  What are your resentments, anger, fears, guilt?  Being aware of these emotions is critical because it enables you to not allow unconscious thinking to clog up the space of light that has opened in you with a mystical experience.  You want to “keep your house clean”, meaning you want to know what it is you are allowing to have time and space in your head.

We are on an evolutionary path of self discovery in a way that will work to sustain our planet and perhaps open the gateway to others as quickly as within our lifetimes.  Our first step is in keeping our own minds heads and hearts clear and ready for whoever we are needed to do whatever it is we do.  12 step programs call this action “doing a fourth step”; taking a personal inventory of your assets and the things that hold you back.  In their 5th step people in recovery are asked to share the things that they feel ashamed of, the things that pin them down based on guilt or remorse from the past and fear of the future. By sharing that with a Higher Power and another person, they have taken a physical action toward opening up a space empty and ready for light to fill it.

There is no such thing as empty space in the entire universe – except for dark matter.  By becoming consciously responsible for the things that affect your energy, you can decide what will fill your space.  Will it be empowering or debilitating? Will it move you forward or cause you to stand still? You are beginning on a path of unbelievable empowerment once you become aware of what you can and cannot control.

There are things that bother everyone.  We all have some lurking issue, problem, fear, guilt, resentment – some thought that tugs and pulls at our hems until we are forced to follow it, at least for a little while. Meditation can help you to become presently aware of the thoughts that are nagging in the back of your head.  The act of meditation can also bring in the useful skill of “non-judgement” in your waking life, as it is important not to judge the thoughts that cross your mind – only to watch them pass and know they are there.  Nothing has ever been solved by thinking about it.

Journalling, ritual or ceremony or Boxes can be a great tool in identifying and taking a physical action to put aside the things that are taking up space over which you have no immediate control or power to change. These things are the ones you give to God.  Then you wait, and each time you find yourself worrying or thinking or trying to solve one of these issues that you have relinquished control over, remind yourself that there is a Higher Power taking over this department for a while.

At first this is very difficult for some of you!  That’s because you think you have allot more control than you really do. The only thing you can really control is how you perceive what is happening in your life. You can either be grateful or not. You can grow where you are planted or always try to find exterior solutions to interior problems.

If we were talking about taking off the veils that stop you from seeing your own light, than clearing out the garbage that restricts you, is the first thing on your list.  Then we can go on filling all those open spaces with light and truth and peace.