29 Dec

People come to a mystical experience through difficulties and hardships in life. No one comes to this place because of easy circumstances.  The top five most stressful life events include 1- death 2- divorce 3- change of employment 4 – relationship change 5- illness. Any one of these situations can cause a person to reach a deep psychological bottom which causes them to surrender emotionally and spiritually to the uncontrollable forces of life and the stage is set for Source to enter with an energetic interception.

The events preceding my spiritual experience were also significant and impacting upon my life. As they say, “order is born of chaos”, and so, my soul was in dire chaos; probably the worse of my life. My choices had brought me to a significant impasse and on this day, I had to literally make the decision to live or die. I had reached a crossroads and was “down on my knees”. To my amazement, I found that this decision was not entirely in my hands.

pink cloud…

The point of this writing and this book is to validate to another person the experience of mystical shifting.  To that end, and thorughout the book I will share what happened to me with you to see if it feels familiar. In my case things began to change for me right away and for about two weeks, I remained in a state of complete euphoria. Everything seemed perfectly synchronous. I was making connections and having revelations at every turn. Everything I did drove me to help and be there for another person. I looked for ways to help people in my days. But the most important change that occurred was that, in my own personal history, I now sought the Truth and began wanting to know the Truth, fearlessly, about every dark corner of my thoughts and beliefs. It was then that I felt I needed t actually capitalize the word Truth, such was the importance it held for me. Any dishonesty I had in my head or heart, no longer was able to be contained there. I began “coming clean” with people in my life, and making real honest decisions about how I felt and what I wanted.  

Through writing, I looked for the deep down nasty bitter truth in every single action and thought I entertained. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I sat quietly, then I raged.  I lived through anger that was almost unbearable, and I feared for my own safety and the safety of my family from my temper outbursts and unreasonable expectations. I was a ball of fear and frustration and I had to face my most critical demon; my ego. And it was a fight I could only do alone; as my family watched helpless to do anything to relieve the mental and moral pain I was in, this is the journey in the desert every truth seeker needs to make.  We make this journey alone, without family or friends but not without resources.  I had NO CHOICE but to call upon a Higher Power…something greater than me. My ego had become so distorted as a result of my childhood and early life learning that I was no longer able to only use my 5 sense to make decisions about my life. Time had run out on that for me. I now had to learn how to rely more on my intuition than I ever had in my life. Some call it faith. Whatever it was, it was absolutely driving me to find out the Truth about how I felt, what I believed,  who I was, what I wanted and most importantly, WHY I wanted.

Very soon, I realized that what I was beginning to understand for myself as an individual was occurring to people around me, in new people I met, in the newspaper, on the news, in books, radio, songs, poems, strangers, old friends…people were awakening to a new understanding of our reality. And someone had to be brave enough to say it out loud, so that we could get past the wonder and fear a soon as possible and get to finding a solution for our world through a combination of all the scientific and cultural disciplines, that have until now, remained disparately apart and incongruent. There is no more time for incongruence, and the faster we realize this, the faster we will join our resources to create the technology that is required to move forward. Whether that means saving this world or creating another; which is a very real possibility, and we need to get over it and get serious very quickly. In this case time is very relevant.

Following my experience, I received sign after sign, coincidence after coincidence that things had changed. My perception of people, places and things completely altered. And at times, when I would slip back into my disconnected ego mind, (which is what I call anything that is not of my God mind), then I experience human slips, and I feel the separation starkly. I have discovered even these painful times, when we feel so disconnected and alone and frightened, are just as necessary as the moments of revelation and congruency; without one, we would never need or know the other.

            During the first few weeks, I spent quite a bit of time believing that I was completely loosing my mind. I had gone from “bi-polar rapid cycling manic depression”, this label I carried around with me for weeks thinking it was “who I was” – to something else, but I didn’t have words or understanding of it yet.

            From my journal 2 months after the dream…

 “The events that have occurred to me, miracle after glorious miracle, have unravelled around me. So great has been my overflowing joy and complete stunned wonderment, that I constantly seem to be giving myself a psychological “pinch” to ensure that I have not gone completely insane and have finally disconnected myself from reality. I must be crazy – but it feels great.”

My fear of “insanity” was a valid fear, having been raised in a very alcoholic home with several suicidal role models, I had spent a great deal of my first 30 years just trying NOT to be crazy.

“Not it seems, even when I want to, I cannot shut it off. My fears of loosing this new awesome way of viewing life seem to be, against all the odds of a strong and stubborn mind, becoming a resolutely inseperable part of my being. “

Soon afterwards I would try my hand at “freestyle channelled writing”. I would receive great revelations that would take days and weeks and months to acknowledge and integrate into my life.

“The only failure we can observe in life is n failing to recognize that our greatest trials can elevate us to heights of joy that are unimaginable to anyone who has not suffered. Those who choose the path of least resistance will continue to do so until they are compelled to choose something to rest upon.”

I had decided to stop wandering and rest…on the Truth.

More and more revelations followed.

I experienced personal miracles, and a real direct communication from Source that I was on the right track.

 April 10, 2010

What I am beginning to understand is that there really never HAS BEEN a beginning or an ending – to ANYTHING. It’s all one big continuation, like a wave that comes under and feeds itself perpetually. There lies a REAL miracle! Where does God get his energy from? I’m afraid to say “Us” because that sounds so un-humble, but I will venture to do so. The energy works in reciprocity.”

 Other aspects changes, like my relationship with animals. I understand that what happened was that the Source of my being, the source of everything, opened within me with that dream. So, the result was that, unbeknownst to me, I was able to feel animals in a very different way. Over weeks I began to observe my animals change in reaction to me. I no longer felt fear in any circumstance, and was able to attract animals that normally would have been indifferent or would have avoided me altogether. I began to become aware of the language my horses spoke to one another;

  April 6, 2010

“Another revelation? In observing my horses at lunch today, I realize that even in the most discreet of their interactions, they were always speaking some sort of awesome ancient language. When I am amongst the herd, for example, they have to have made some silent communication of agreement that I am not a threat, a judgment on my character. Trust. This agreement was not made visible to me, but I am sure there is one leader, probably Master (my senior horse), who always seems to be on sentry duty. How amazing.”

 This is the same ancient language that moves through us all, from one into the other. Every thoughts, every decision and every choice you make results in a flow of circumstances. Within ‘The All that is everything”, is us and we are it.  We are conduits of energy, just like my dog and just like the sun.  All performing an exquisitely choreographed dance of love.


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