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Body and Soul…

14 Nov

Spiritual learning is never finished – as humans we will always have questions.  There is no graduation certificate.

Over the past few years I have become a dedicated student of different Eastern philosophies.  As a result I am enjoying my life in brand new ways.  Connected living, spiritual focus, loving what I do – really, what  great life.  A few years ago I began studying A Course In Miracles with an online group headed by a particularly brilliant and very humble man who lives in New York State.  We have a small group of people who share their personal understanding an experiences on different portions of the book. Peter leads the group and we all read and absorb its profound wisdom.  But every once in a while,  I still get stuck.  The Course talks about everyone having exactly what they need, if only they could PERCEIVE CORRECTLY.  Similar to the bible saying that Sin is what keeps abundance from your door.

I still get stuck on the basics like…if we have “perfect abundance” then why are babies born in such hopeless conditions around the world. How is it that their “perception” of things is off?? And, yes I understand we have the resources to supply our entire planet with everything it needs, without causing it further incapacitating detriment, but, why aren’t we doing it?
I understand our bodies to be part of what we choose as an experience that we are having, almost as if on behalf of God. we are God…having the unique experience that is US. We are an experience. Body is a vehicle for “experiencing” that experience. We have always…ALL WAYS…been here. We are not “going anywhere” when we die, and heaven is right here…literally in the right now.
It’s really not complicated.
But then it’s NOT EASY to apply all the time.
This shift in consciousness we are experiencing is quite simply, I believe, the next stage of human evolution. The emergence of conscious intuition. Schools of learning like ACIM, eastern philosophies…concepts that accept rather than reject…is all a symptom of this motion towards non-separation.
the ability we can develop to read and understand through intuition the signs, symbology and methods of communication of the Universe with our souls, the quicker will we be in a position to begin to make the changes necessary to continue surviving and learning and growing. No one is attracted to these types of gatherings and exchange of information by accident. I believe if you are here, reading and absorbing any portion of this, you were called here, meant to be, ready for this and your soul is bound to shake awake if it hasn’t already.
Then you have to get this “new skill” working with, like Peter said, the entire evolution of your species, which is all programmed to ignore intuition. I think we really lost when we developed “scientific methodologly” around the 1400’s – the “age of reason” was not too great for the development of our energetic attachment to the earth. we quickly moved away from energetic connection (which indigenous tribes still have) towards a technological way of living which absolutely separates us from the physical connection to that which sustains us. This is very dangerous. Learning how to use your intuition, very often involves some form of “getting back to nature”.
I believe we know things naturally and intuitively, and can spend our entire lives trying to get back to the basic knowledge we have about ourselves.When I was a little girl I remember telling the Catholic priest that he was wrong about God. I said i thought God was what happened when we put everyone’s souls on earth together, including the animals, it would make up God. He said:  “No…mumble mumble…not possible”.   But now I know it is quite possible.